Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

At Dmaxx Properties, we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional online journey, and that begins with how we handle your information. Dive into our SEO-optimized content to discover the seamless synergy between user satisfaction and data-driven practices.

Data Unveiled: How We Collect Information

Unlock a personalized experience by sharing your details through property inquiries, email exchanges, surveys, and more. Our automatic collection of metadata, encompassing browser details and device specifics, ensures a tailor-made interaction.

Sharing Insights:  A Collaborative Approach

Embark on a collaborative journey as we share your name, email, and phone number with agents when you express interest in a property. Agents operate under their privacy policies, fostering a transparent and secure collaboration.

Utilizing Information: Crafting Your Ideal Experience

Witness your requests come to life, whether it’s forwarding property inquiries, providing service information, or curating marketing emails tailored to your preferences. Our data-driven strategies enhance your user experience, presenting relevant content and advertisements.

Safekeeping Your Data: A Global Secure Hub

Your information finds a secure home on our servers worldwide. By entrusting us with your data, you embrace a seamless transfer, storage, and processing experience. Rest assured, we employ approved data transfer mechanisms for your peace of mind.

Data Deletion Made Simple: Your Preferences Matter

Feel empowered with the option to request data deletion whenever you desire. Your information is retained only as long as necessary, aligning with your preferences and ensuring your peace of mind.

Cookies: Tailoring Your Digital Experience

Immerse yourself in a customized online journey with our strategic use of cookies. Whether it’s remembering your chosen currency or highlighting your  favourite properties, we optimize your time on our platform.

Navigating Beyond: Third-Party Links and Beyond

Explore the vast landscape beyond our platform through third-party links, each with its privacy policies. We encourage you to delve into these policies before sharing any personal information.

Connect with Us: Your Questions Matter

As we evolve, any changes to our data policies will be transparently communicated. For queries or concerns, our virtual doors are always open. Connect with us to stay informed and engaged.

Elevate your online experience with Dmaxx Properties – where data meets user satisfaction seamlessly. Your journey, your preferences, our commitment.

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